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Your Position: Home - Machinery - The Main Difference Between Air-cooled Chillers and Water-cooled Chillers

The Main Difference Between Air-cooled Chillers and Water-cooled Chillers

First of all, we need to figure out what types of chillers are: general manufacturers will produce both water-cooled and air-cooled chillers.

The air-cooled chiller contains an insulated water tank and a water pump in its body. No additional cooling water tower is needed to dissipate heat. It is very convenient to install and move. However, it requires a higher working environment. First, because it is based on hot air circulation Refrigerated, so if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In addition, if you want to put the chiller in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, then I advise you to refit Water-cooled. Because the air-cooled chiller will emit water vapor on the top of the machine to dissipate heat.

Water Cooled Chiller Machine can be divided into open type, sealed type (some called box type) and screw type. First of all, it must be stated that water-cooled chillers must be additionally equipped with cooling towers and pumps to extract hot water for heat dissipation. In order to achieve a good cooling effect.

The open chiller needs to be equipped with a water tank. The sealed type is not necessary, because he has a built-in water tank. The open type is usually installed somewhere outside the workshop. It is convenient for maintenance, but because it is not beautiful enough, A sealed water-cooled chiller was produced, because it is a box structure, so it is more popular. However, if you have very high requirements for cooling capacity, you should choose a screw chiller. At this time, we will generally call it a chiller.

Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit

Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit

The difference between air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller:

Air Cooled Chiller Cooling Unit can be used on small systems, most of the large units are water-cooled. The initial investment of water cooling is a little less than that of air cooling. But with the addition of cooling towers and computer rooms \ electronic water treatment devices, there is nowhere else to go! Besides, as far as long-term operation is concerned, the cooling of water cooling units The efficiency will relatively decline, and air cooling will not. Air-cooled chillers use air cooling, eliminating the need for cooling towers, cooling water pumps and piping systems that are necessary for cooling water systems, to avoid condenser scaling and water pipe blockage in areas with poor water quality, and to save water resources. It is the most economical and simple model for the maintenance of cold water air-conditioning equipment.

The air-cooled chiller is slightly higher than the water-cooled chiller, but the annual operating cost is lower than the water-cooled chiller. The construction cost of the machine room is the smallest among various air-conditioning cold and heat source systems. The maintenance cost is about water cooling. Half the cost of the boiler or boiler. Air-cooled chillers are noisier and bulkier than water-cooled units and can only be installed outdoors. Most water cooling units are installed in the basement.

The above is the main difference between the air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller introduced by Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer.

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