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Your Position: Home - Chemicals - Why Is Boiler Treatment Required?

Why Is Boiler Treatment Required?

Boilers ensure a continuous supply of warm and hot water to homes and large properties. The size of a problematic system will depend on the number of rooms it will serve and the amount of hot water it must provide.


When boilers circulate water, they can absorb and create impurities and other problems. These problems can lead to breakdowns and can be costly in terms of time and money. Proper water treatment of your boiler is essential to prevent this.


Why do I need boiler treatment?

If you do not properly treat the water in your boiler system, many common problems can occur. Allowing these problems to accumulate will inevitably lead to a breakdown


Boiler corrosion: The presence of oxygen in the water will eventually lead to thinning and pitting of metal pipes. This can interfere with the boiler's ability to transfer heat and contaminate the water itself. Proper boiler water treatment will eliminate the oxygen in the water and help prevent corrosion.

Impurities: Water quality is an important aspect of proper boiler function. A boiler with too many impurities in the water will eventually fail because it will not function adequately. Proper treatment will break down impurities and restore full function.


Hydrazine Hydrate

Foaming (residue): High concentrations of solids in the water can cause the water to bubble or froth. As this water evaporates into steam, it forms deposits in valves, heat exchangers, turbines and superheaters, and strips the magnetic layer in the steam lines. This can lead to overall system corrosion and reduced functionality. Treatment can reduce the occurrence of foam and prevent these problems.


Reduce Suspended Solids: Corrosion, scaling and impurities in the water can cause solids to build up, which can cause many problems within the boiler. Hard water: Hard water can form inside the boiler and eventually lead to scale buildup, resulting in impurities in the water. Water softening treatment is one of the most common and important parts of boiler treatment.


All of these problems, if not properly prevented or left untreated, can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and your facility will not have access to hot water. A nuisance if it is a home or office property, for example, and a nightmare for a hotel or hospital.


Integrated water treatment for boiler systems

A comprehensive range of boiler treatments, including.


Fossil fuel and waste burning boilers

Electric boilers

Steam generators


Hydrazine hydrate is also known as hydrazine monohydrate, diamine hydrate, diamide monohydrate, etc. Hydrazine hydrate is a colorless and transparent oily liquid with a faint ammonia odor, fumes in humid air, and has a strong alkalinity. Hydrazine hydrate 40%-80% solution is most widely used in industry. Hydrazine hydrate can be used as a boiler water deoxidizer, and also as a reducing agent and solvent.


If you are responsible for maintaining a boiler or hot water system at your facility or property, seeking treatment before a problem occurs can save you a great deal of money and time.


We could meet different product index and contents requirements of our customer with the fastest delivery time. Not to mention that the high product quality and excellent customer service is always the goal we aim to.


For more information, visit our Boiler Treatment Solutions page or contact us to discuss your requirements.





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