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20 Reasons to Use Rugged Touch Monitors in Your Industry

Author: Hou

May. 20, 2024

20 Reasons to Use Rugged Touch Monitors in Your Industry

There are some serious reasons to use rugged touch monitors. Most harsh environment industries will destroy a consumer grade monitor in a few months which becomes not only a cost but a liability that affects all-around performance.

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Here are our top 20 reasons to buy a rugged touch screen monitor

1. Rugged Touch Monitors are relatively cheap. These monitors will help to reduce the amount of money needed to repair the computers as the device is durable and would not break down easily.

2. This device is equipped with strong restrictive glass casings to protect the inner mechanical layers of the device from rough conditions such as bad weather, food/drink spills. The device also has a very reliable system transmission. Which means it can transmit information from once source to another without fail. This is very important especially during war zones as it could mean a victory or a loss.

3. The speed of this device is also incredible, when you are using it, there would be no lag, no freezing, or any form of slowing of the systems operations.

4. The adaptability of this device is almost tremendously amazing. Even under a very harsh weather condition this device is able to work at its full power with a very low chance of it failing, which saves cost for the user.

5. This device is also very lightweight and portable which makes it very convenient for people to bring it around with you.

6. This rugged monitor screen also has a low battery usage which means that it would take a low time before the battery runs out, making it very useful if you’re looking to use it for long-term. This device is also easy to build, saving both time and money at the same time.

7. The device also has a long lifespan of more than a few years, making the device help save cost as you would not need to keep buying a new one. The device also has extended hardware warranty.

8. Furthermore, this device is also customizable which mean it can be customized to be waterproof, weatherproof material or anything that you need it for. The device also has optically bonded glass for improved visibility and also high heat resistant against harsh environments.

9. The device has a high durability which means even when it falls from a high ground, it would not break because of the layers of material that are protecting the monitor, thus reducing the fall damage to little or no damage. Even when any liquid is accidentally spilled inside, it would not affect the system’s ability at all.

10. The device also displays a very clear screen which allows users to see everything on the screen clearly without having to strain your eyes.

11. The device is also good because it’s a touch screen monitor which is better than the normal keyboard and mouse set because this touch screen monitor is very durable and you can use it for a long time without the touchscreen spoiling.

12. This device can also be used directly in areas which are hazardous, which saves time and money to prepare for things which aren’t necessarily needed.

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13. The device can also be explosive proof, depending which kind you are buying. This would mean that when there is an explosion, the device will remain unharmed.

14. The device can also charge very fast when it is at low battery, it has a supercharge speed which allows users to save time.

15. The device can be made dust-proof which means that the device will continue working for a long time thus saving cost.

16. The monitor has resistive touchscreen that have high resolution, which provides a accurate touch control. Also, contact can be made with a finger or any other pointing device.

17. The device is also a sunlight readable monitor, which in other words, mean that the words on the screen can be seen clearly under the bright sunlight.

18. The device also has many different connector configurations are available to suit all applications, and various degrees of ingress to protect the device.

19. The device is also not complicated to use so most people would be able to use the device with no troubles at all. This is because the device only has a few buttons, making it easy to use.

20. The device has current service in surveillance and video monitoring across a broad range of platforms on land at sea and in the air. These devices are very suitable for vehicle mounted aircraft and marines application.




Another important visual property is the glass coating or finish and it needs to be chosen considering the working environment and the application for which the touch monitor is meant for. Different coatings will cause a totally different effect on the surface of the screen and that’s why we must differentiate between glossy and matte.

The main difference between these two concepts is the amount of light that the surface reflects and this directly causes an effect on the user. On one hand, the glossy displays provide a sharper image and a better contrast but reflections from the ambient light can be seen. On the other hand, matte screens diffuse the ambient light, even strong direct light, but the image is slightly hazy. This is a key point that must be considered since touch monitors placed outdoors will be exposed to strong direct light for many hours a day, while screens used for indoors commercial purposes will not suffer this effect that much.

The fact of cleaning the surface of the display is also an important point to consider. Although matte finish makes dust, grease and others less visible, it is harder to clean it. In certain industries this would not mean any disadvantage but in pharmaceutical and food industries for example, where the working environment must be perfectly clean and without any contaminants, it makes sense using glossy surfaces to easily spot any dirt that needs to be clean. If the feeling of a glossy display is not the desired, it is always possible to install a protective matte film.

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