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3 Reasons Every Vehicle Should Use Mobile Data Tablet Tracking Software

Has your transit agency adopted an MDT software solution yet? If it hasn't, your drivers, your passengers, and your agency operations overall could be suffering.


MDT software brings a number of benefits to an agency and can help improve overall operational efficiency. Here are three reasons why every fleet vehicle your agency has should use mobile data tablet tracking software.

MDT Mobile Data Terminal

Reason 1: Real-Time Data Communication


With mobile data tablet tracking software, drivers have access to passenger itinerary information in real time. This means that whenever a trip manifest is changed, the driver can know almost instantaneously and will be re-routed in real time. For an agency, this means operational efficiency can be achieved because, without the need for dispatchers to manually update a passenger's arrival or departure location and communicate that to the driver once they find out, the driver knows right away and will be able to continue on their route to the next passenger pick-up without delay, following the most optimal route.


Reason 2: Accountability & Accurate Reporting


Because of the real-time data communication that can be achieved through MDT software, the benefits that can be achieved are also translated from drivers back to the transit agency. MDT software allows transit agencies enhanced visibility into what is happening while drivers are actually out on the road picking up passengers. This creates accountability for drivers in terms of on-time performance, safety, and customer service. If a passenger complains that they were not picked up on time or the driver was not at the right location to make the pick-up, managers can refer back to the reports and data that were recorded in real-time from that date and can confirm the exact location of a vehicle and the exact time that they were at that location. They can then determine whether the trip can be considered a no-show by the passenger or if the driver should adjust accordingly in the future. MDT software also prevents drivers from straying from their routes or wasting gas during breaks as odometer and mileage tracking are also features built into the software in addition to the real-time GPS capabilities.

In-Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal

Reason 3: Safety and Customer Service


Not only does MDT software provide the benefits mentioned above, but it also enhances safety and customer service for passengers. With real-time messaging, dispatchers can send messages to many drivers at once and drivers, in turn, can select messages from a list of pre-loaded messages (or type their own) directly back to dispatch to ensure they are up-to-date and able to serve their passengers effectively. To avoid distraction while on the road, there is a device locking mechanism that prevents the driver from updating or sending messages on the MDT while the vehicle is in motion for added safety. Turn-by-turn voice directions are also available so the driver does not have to take their eyes off of the road to follow the assigned passenger route. Finally, MDT software also has the ability to record driving speeds, so unsafe driving behavior can be monitored and corrected.


Implementing MDT software, not only benefits an agency and its' drivers, but also benefits passengers and can enhance safety, efficiency, customer service, and visibility into the metrics that are necessary to achieve operational excellence.


If your transit agency hasn't adopted MDT software yet, it's time to start evaluating your options. We are a Mobile Data Terminal supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!





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